Nivea Girl!

Hola, guess who just worked as a Nivea Girl this morning! Hahahaha that's right - I was equally surprised (and a little apprehensive at first) 'cuz we all associate Nivea with smooth, moisturised skin and that somehow just builds an image of a fair fairy-like girl, right? I'm far from fair. In all honesty, I … Continue reading Nivea Girl!


When Your Boss Stands Up to Bullies For You!

Hola, this week has been nothing short of wonderful - soooo thankful!! Just ended my 3-day freelance engagement with Knuffi at the recent Occupational Safety + Health Asia event and boy, was it a gooooood break from internship! Can I just say how blessed I am to have worked alongside 2 of the most amazing … Continue reading When Your Boss Stands Up to Bullies For You!