Nivea Girl!

Hola, guess who just worked as a Nivea Girl this morning! Hahahaha that's right - I was equally surprised (and a little apprehensive at first) 'cuz we all associate Nivea with smooth, moisturised skin and that somehow just builds an image of a fair fairy-like girl, right? I'm far from fair. In all honesty, I … Continue reading Nivea Girl!


When Your Boss Stands Up to Bullies For You!

Hola, this week has been nothing short of wonderful - soooo thankful!! Just ended my 3-day freelance engagement with Knuffi at the recent Occupational Safety + Health Asia event and boy, was it a gooooood break from internship! Can I just say how blessed I am to have worked alongside 2 of the most amazing … Continue reading When Your Boss Stands Up to Bullies For You!

Yay, Treats!

Hola, Really feeling quite blessed recently! Although I'm not as active on social media (IG) as before (due to busy busy internship schedule), I'm really fortunate to still be offered some really exciting upcoming collab opportunities! ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm reallyย excited not just because I'll be sponsored some goodies, but because some of these treatsย are the fruits … Continue reading Yay, Treats!