Depression: the dark monster in your head

Hey yalllllllll. Okay so recently a close friend was diagnosed with depression and bipolar, and whatever transpired during and after that was very surreal. Thought I would share about it (within my means, without the details of the events in respect of myΒ friend and his privacy) because I've never gotten this close to the big … Continue reading Depression: the dark monster in your head


Hola 2k17! – A sweeeeet start

Happy New Year guys! πŸ™‚ Wew, another long holiday right after the Christmas holidays. 2016 sure flew by - that aside, how was your New Year's Day? πŸ™‚ Mine sure was eventful hehe So on New Year's Eve, J and I joined Explore Sg's NYE party hosted at Hilton Singapore! The suite was very pretty … Continue reading Hola 2k17! – A sweeeeet start