Art Stage 2017!

2017's off to a pretty artsy start! It's Singapore Art Week and there are soooo many intriguing art fairs and exhibitions that I really, really wanna check out! Last week, by Claud's invitation, the Woodies (Crys, Easter & I!) attended the VIP Preview of Art Stage Singapore, hosted at MBS on 11th Jan (the fair … Continue reading Art Stage 2017!


Pup Party! [Cuzzey]

Just went for an event hosted by the Cuzzey Team (2 evenings ago! Been way too busy and tired to update so here's a #tb account!) and initially wasn't expecting any more than 1 dog ('cuz I thought it would be in an office space so how to bring dogs right??), but LO AND BEHOLD. … Continue reading Pup Party! [Cuzzey]