Dining in a Cable Car!

Hola, finally presentation's down! Say goodbye to late nights and daily project meetings hooray! Although tbh our meetings are sometimes quite enjoyable ahaha. So anyway, think my liver's gonna die someday. LOL, yes I know when people my age say that, they mean from drinking tooooo much, but in my case - panadol's killing it. … Continue reading Dining in a Cable Car!


SauceInk x Princessa Fashion Show

hoho, finally found the energy to blog (LOL so dramatic, it's only some typing but I say until so jialat hahahah). The past week has been crayyyyyyy. Last week we basically stayed back almost everyday for project meeting, and on Saturday, headed for proj meeting again then to Princessa x SauceInk's Fashion Show @ SauceSpace, … Continue reading SauceInk x Princessa Fashion Show