SauceInk x Princessa Fashion Show

hoho, finally found the energy to blog (LOL so dramatic, it’s only some typing but I say until so jialat hahahah).

The past week has been crayyyyyyy. Last week we basically stayed back almost everyday for project meeting, and on Saturday, headed for proj meeting again then to Princessa x SauceInk’s Fashion Show @ SauceSpace, before ending the night with Split – the movie.

The irony when I was so casually dressed to a fashion show…


and the bigger question, how did I get invited??? hahaha. I’m honestly a little confused because 1) I’m not a fashionista (LOL @ that term!!), and 2) I’m not affiliated with SGInstaBabes. Why mention the latter? ‘Cuz when Diana and I (Diana came as my +1!) reached the place, we proceeded to register ourselves and got a goodie bag – a brown goodie bag.

Pretty odd when we realised everyone else were holding onto a pink/red bag but only the 2 of us and well, maybe another lady (who left midway) got the brown one. Felt a little weird – not that we really minded, but it was contrasting, and everyone else with the colored bags seemed to already know each other? So Diana and I were like 2 lost sheep, and went to mingle with the Big Boys instead (hahahah see? no loss there, uh huh!)

So anyway, Β realised that the fashion show may have collaborated with SGInstaBabes since majority of the attendees were from that community. Ohya, Gregory Shampoo (or so we call him the Facebook Horoscope Guy) was there with his girlfriend as well. I was a little surprised ‘cuz what was the link between fashion and horoscope/comedy boy??? The girlfriend! πŸ™‚ Hahah I’m so dense sometimes.

But anyway, they look so cute tgt y’know?? They have this very adorable couple look. hahahha okok, Idw to sound creepy so let’s get back on track.

Found out (after 1-2 hours of the event) that the event was directed more towards attracting investors for the brand and to sell the “entrepreneurship coaching course” than to showcase the new range of apparels. To be very honest, we felt a little cheated. And feeling like second-rate citizens with our depressing brown bags didn’t help. Hahaha

But being the optimistic goats we are, we were like, “oh okay! Can’t / don’t wanna invest, no problem. Let’s enquire / sign up to be brand ambassadors for Princessa then!” (they had this leaflet on a search for brand ambassadors so we thought why not, right?? Hahaha ohmy we were in for another surprise. Turns out we had to spend a minimum sum on the apparels to be eligible to run as their brand ambassadors. Just when I was about to enquire, how many pieces of apparels will be sponsored… heh.

Okay to be fair, it sounds logical that yes, you should first have clothes of that brand and really love it to talk about it to the people around you, and to represent the brand. Hence the need to spend x amount on the apparels to qualify. But on the other hand, if anyone were to be the ambassador of the brand, she would be advertising for the brand and that in itself is a service. So instead of getting paid / sponsored the basic necessities to start sharing the word, she instead has to first invest money into advertising for the brand??

There isn’t a right or wrong kinda situation, I suppose it’s just how we choose to look at it. But we were both pretty taken aback and uhm… tbh we didn’t think we loved the brand enough to pump in x amount to share about it (and ofc earn from comms thereafter). So yea, just felt like sharing abit of what went on that day.

Anyway, that night, JY and I + his friends watched Split – it was pretty okay, like uh, it was interesting but the thrill wasn’t enough. I really expected more psychotic thrill from it ‘cuz they honestly did an amazing job with the trailer. But nonetheless, still worth a watch!

Ah, then it was Sunday. Was soooo exhausted by the week’s events that I slept in and didn’t manage to visit my teacher for CNY (which I sumpa, 100% intended to). Later in the afternoon, we headed to my aunt’s place for our SG’s side of the fam’s CNY reunion gathering. Andddd, yea that’s about it. Wow, doesn’t seem very eventful but the week was soooo draining?!

Okay, gonna blog next about this week! (yea I’m so lame, missed a week so I’m blogging twice on the same day to make up for it. Does it even work that way?? hahahah)


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