Dining in a Cable Car!

Hola, finally presentation’s down! Say goodbye to late nights and daily project meetings hooray! Although tbh our meetings are sometimes quite enjoyable ahaha.

So anyway, think my liver’s gonna die someday. LOL, yes I know when people my age say that, they mean from drinking tooooo much, but in my case – panadol’s killing it. Guess I haven’t been having enough rest (+ the fact that although when I get to sleep, I don’t sleep well), and there’s just so much going on so I’ve been having killer headaches. It’s like, I drink so much water – 3 bottles in school, and more at home, everyday and my head’s still killing me.

Hey hey wait, to be clear, I’ve been only taking 1 panadol over 1-2 days so.. about 3 panadols within 7 days so no, I’m not abusing drugs lmao. Thought I should mention that since my whole fam’s in the civil sector so y’know la.. better be clear about these things HAHAHA.

okok so back to topic – we had our presentation today and whoa! So many classmates really shined today! Especially those few that have been quiet in class.. damn were they goooood. Our group did alright I suppose (and hope, plsplspls omg pls). And as usual, was having a horrid headache from the morning, and it only got worse by the time we ended class. omfg I felt so moody and unwell I was this close to cancelling on the shoot but… cannot lah. Last minute no show when I’m not in a super dire situation yet, seems abit too cb in my books. So yup, went for it in the end and whoooop! NO RAGRETS. (hahahah geddit? RAGRETS. hehe if you don’t get it we can’t be friends ok.)

My office-wear heels broke a couple months back so I only had one ultra high heels for presentation which I intended to wear for the shoot ‘cuz pack one more set too lehceh – I woke up at 6:30am so no way! :-/ In the end I didn’t even have to have my heels on (hooray!!) so I was running about in my slippers ehehehehe. Super tak match but okay lah, comfort more important amiright? 🙂

We got to pen down our wishes on wishing bells and hung them up just like the love locks on the bridge in Paris! Afterwards, we had to ring this hugeeee Bell of Happiness and omg I got a shock when it rang so loudly?! HAHAH. Such a fun and memorable experience!!! 🙂 It was truly the highlight of my day. It would’ve been even more amazing if JY was here with me 🙂 I love him so much omg hahahaha. Guess it wouldn’t be tough to guess what I wished for then – to be happy together for a very long time!

Afterwards, we experienced dining in a cable car – the food was pretty good although… bento?? o.o weird but to be fair, the food was yummy! They had mantou with chilli crab sauce (with some crab meat in the sauce), some taugua/tofu drenched in peanut sauce, fried prawn dumplings with mayo, a slice of rainbow cake, and a serving of hainanese chicken rice with ‘acar’.

Took a few shots for Beringer wine – can’t wait to see how it looks!! and.. okay I’m so tired I’m heading to bed soon. LOL I KNOW IT’S SO ABRUPT BUT. I’m sleep deprived 😦 okay gudnight angels.

P.s. Yes I’ll add in the pics soooooon.



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