Art Stage 2017!

2017’s off to a pretty artsy start! It’s Singapore Art Week and there are soooo many intriguing art fairs and exhibitions that I really, really wanna check out!

Last week, by Claud’s invitation, the Woodies (Crys, Easter & I!) attended the VIP Preview of Art Stage Singapore, hosted at MBS on 11th Jan (the fair itself was opened to the public from 12-15 Jan). Been wanting to share about it for awhile but I’ve been so tied up and uh procrastinating sooo.. okok back to topic. I’d like to think of myself as a casual gallery/museum hopper but I’ve never attended an Art Fair this grand before.

The whole fair covered a full level of exhibition halls and showcased pieces from all over the world! I guess the main difference about this fair is that each art piece did not have much (or any) information on the artist’s inspiration behind the piece. That was a little surprising at the start, but we soon came to appreciate being able to casually enjoy each art work and derive different understandings from it. There were a few pieces that really spoke to me.

This in particular, was my favourite. I couldn’t quite describe what it made me feel – uneasy, depressed, reflective? There is a touch of pain blatantly plastered over the piece as well.


Turns out, there’s a tragic myth (or true story, couldn’t be verified) behind the pain of the piece. [Summary of story] A mother looking for her son was fed by 2 Daesh soldiers some soup, which was later revealed to her, cooked with the flesh of her son. If that isn’t tragic and brutal (to both the mom and son), I honestly don’t know what is. Sometimes it really makes me reflect and think about how privileged we are just because we were borned in a certain place. Away from war, away from natural disasters, and heavily sheltered from the brutalities of the world, because while we do empathize and sympathize with those in dire plights, we will never really understand the constant fear and pain that others experience on a daily basis. So much so, we sometimes feel entitled to the comfort and security we enjoy. I can go on and on about this but… okay back to Art (for now).

Inspirations and backstories aside, the way this piece was expressed is definitely my fav hands down. I luvvv the techniques used!! (You really got to see it for yourself hahahah)


Andddd, this has got to be the coolest and most innovative range of art pieces. Using the thread that bind books, and the bristles of toothbrushes, miniature 3D pieces were created. I can only imagine how much patience went into these!



It was a great experience all in all – spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd as well! 🙂

Next stop, Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors! 🙂


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