Hola 2k17! – A sweeeeet start

Happy New Year guys! 🙂

Wew, another long holiday right after the Christmas holidays. 2016 sure flew by – that aside, how was your New Year’s Day? 🙂 Mine sure was eventful hehe

So on New Year’s Eve, J and I joined Explore Sg’s NYE party hosted at Hilton Singapore! The suite was very pretty (you’d expect that right??) – I’d always wanted to take a look at Hilton’s rooms after the Hotel Tour we had back in SP. Sure enough, it lives up to its name! 🙂 Counted down to the New Year with new and old friends, then celebrated Sher’s 21st with her absolutely adorable Unicorn cake!! (Oh ya, finally found someone as in love with mystical and magical things like me! – ‘cept my craze is mainly mermaids hahaha)

Barely took any pics that night and only took a few insta stories but unfortunately Ig is really playing me. Couldn’t save any of my stories?! 😦 What a regret.

Anyway, fast forward a day or two, guess my 2k17 is off to a sweeeet (every pun intended) start! 🙂 Gâter Sg popped by with a really pretty (and apt!!!!) cake to celebrate the New Year. It’s a pastel swirl of mermaid-y colours, topped with a few silver sugar balls! Not much of a flashy person, so the subtle design which still carried an underlying mermaid feel is just my kinda thing. 🙂


As if that wasn’t enough, Amelia from Gâter Sg even made a customised cake topper for me!! Hehehehe not to be narcissistic and all but… omg the gold dust sparkles, I LOVE.


The cake was not only aesthetically pleasing, it was baked in Lemon Meringue flavour! Yes okay, I picked out that flavour myself – but hey, they have lotsssss of flavours with different base flavours, eg. vanilla/choco/choco banana, so I thought long and hard before deciding on the lemon meringue flavour! No regrets though, ‘cuz although I’ve got a sweet tooth, when it comes to cake and sweet bakes, I’m always secretly worried the bakes may be toooo sweet (‘cuz y’all know la, too sweet can be quite gelat right??), but fortunately, this wasn’t an issue here hehe.

So if you guys are looking for a fancy cake for an upcoming celebration, or already have a design in mind, do check out Gâter Sg as they offer a great selection for flavours and are super friendly – so no worries if you have enquiries, I’m sure they’ll be happy to assist. 😉

Also, they bake a variety of sweet treats from cupcakes to cakes, and for the upcoming Lunar New Year, pineapple tarts as well! 🙂

Remember to quote, “GSGxJasmine” to enjoy 10% off your order till 31st January 2017. 😉

Thank you Gâter Sg for the lovely treat and mini bouquet of roses that was so tastefully put together. 🙂 2k17 has really started on a sweet note! 😉


Spent the next few days resting up at home as I’m still plagued by my flu x cough, but had a MJ x bridge sesh too. Btw, who loves playing bridge too?! 🙂

okay, so guess this year is starting off rather nicely, and oh, only a couple more days till I’m back to school – kinda excited really! 🙂

Till next time ^~^


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