Pup Party! [Cuzzey]

Just went for an event hosted by the Cuzzey Team (2 evenings ago! Been way too busy and tired to update so here’s a #tb account!) and initially wasn’t expecting any more than 1 dog (‘cuz I thought it would be in an office space so how to bring dogs right??), but LO AND BEHOLD. deng deng deng, there were SO MANY cuties when we got there!!! (the event was hosted at someone’s house)

omg it was literally a pup party?! hahahaha sis and I were super duper excited! Went to play with the pups and totally forgot all about our hunger for quite awhile. The evening was a great one – pups aside, we mingled and made friends with pet-lovers like ourselves, enjoyed the beautiful performances by the attendees (omg everyone could sing so well?? no joke, these weren’t the average shower-singers, or KTV mic hoggers, they were really gooood), and listened to Cuzzey share about what they had instore for 2017.

If you’re wondering what Cuzzey is all about, in short it’s a marketplace for you to find just about anything and everything a pet and pet owner would be looking for! (Guess it’s a little like a Carousell for pet services) The services are not restricted to Doggies’ needs, so if you’re a pet owner yourself, or simply a pet enthusiast with a skillset who would like to offer a service (and monetize from it at the same time), free feel to check out Cuzzey’s site. 🙂 Services start from as budget-friendly as $10.

Back to the event – Oh oh, as usual, I had my paiseh moment. I had to use the washroom when dengdengdeng, the singers graced the stage – which the toilet door opens right to. Soooo, basically I was thinking whether I should stay in the toilet all the way (but it was only at the first song?!), or just leave (but i’d be disrupting the performance ohno).

In the end I decided okay la just go out, maybe can siam and make a quick dash down the stairs – don’t try, will never know amiright? Alamak. People were recording the performance & I was in the frame lmao. I quickly turned around and back-faced everyone and everything, but after 5s (which honestly felt like an hour), I realised how dumb and weird that looks – oh god. Just then I noticed the next door leads to the kitchen – should I hide in there??? (Lol yes, I really thought of that ikr?) HENG AH, the kitchen had a backdoor which leads to the garden/outside of the house – phewwwwwww.

So that was how I fortunately did not get stuck in the bathroom hehehehe.

Okay anyway, here are a few pics I took with my fav pups! (unfortunately/fortunately was engrossed with playing with the dogs, I didn’t make a conscious effort to snap more pics hehe).


with Dodo!! She’s so cuteeee!! So calm and zen hahahaha, and feels like a baby in my arms *~*


With Nanook the Corgi! Literally my new #BootyGoals :p

Overall, Val and I had alot of fun at Cuzzey’s party – super chill evening spent with great company. 🙂 Guess I’ll be signing up myself on their site real soon!


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