Beauty Indulgence with Sony!

Wew! Had such an amazing day yesterday at Sony’s promotional event for its latest A5100 camera! Initially I feared the day was off to a bad start because Diana (she was my Plus One) and I missed the shuttle service (although we were long waiting for it before the scheduled timing, how did we even miss it???), but thankfully, the minibus made a return and within minutes we were on our way to the Colonial House at Mount Pleasant! 🙂

It was indeed pleasant. hahaha, each pair of us were given a A5100 camera to play with during our attendance at the event – of course, we took our fair share of selfies!! The setting of the event was that of an old colonial house and the whole set up felt like a ROM / right from a fairytale. *~*

Diana and Jas Selfie #125.jpg


wew, check out Princess Diana *~*

Sony so generously and thoughtfully planned an array of fun activities for us to try out in line with their theme of beauty/for the ladies! We first gathered for a brief tutorial on the A5100 cam before we set off to play around with it, then had our gelish manicures done by Aresa Nails – gelish! I’d thought they’d just do an Express manicure for us but who’d known hehehe yay, nice nails just in time for Christmas! :p

Afterwards, we had such a fun time assembling our very own little Christmas terrarium with the Terrarium SG guys – it was indeed a pretty cool experience and we got to bring home our own masterpiece. (I was super excited ‘cuz I have really, really wanted to try making my own terrarium for the longest of time!) Ohya, speaking of which, there was a particular incident that left me feeling… wary. I don’t exactly know how to describe it but I guess if I had to, it would be something between disgust, shock and fear. Being in an event with many high-profile social media influencers, I’d expected to see many fair ladies – and yes, I did in fact see many prominent faces and they were stunning, but little did I expect to experience/witness first-hand the arrogance/snobbishness of one.

So this is what happened, Diana was asking one of the uncles if there were any pig (in mandarin, pronounced as ‘zhu’) figurines available for her to put in her terrarium. However, the uncle mistook it as her asking if there were any pearls/beads (in mandarin also pronounced as ‘zhu’). So she attempted to repeat herself and then went on to say, “I meant, ‘tir’ (pig in dialect)” I myself was surprised at her usage of word and laughed light-heartedly, but one of the ladies near us heard it and responded in a somewhat condescending manner – “did you say ‘tir’?”

Lady beside her and myself attempted to explain why Diana did so, and she replied, “yea, but still. Why would you say that?” Uhm, yes okayyyyy. I fully understand that it’s a decent, somewhat classy event, but by using 1 hokkien non-offensive term in an attempt to better communicate your message to someone in a way they understand clearer, I don’t think that there’s any issue with that. That’s in no way any less classy or unbecoming of an “influencer”. (I’m assuming she thought we were influencers too since many of them present are influencers?)

Of course the convo ended there ‘cuz it really wasn’t anything major but her tone was so condescending, I can’t deny I felt less comfortable and excitable than just minutes before, because I became conscious of how I was carrying myself, and couldn’t ignore the possibility that someone else may also be pointing out the way I talk, the way I walk, etc, judging me for being myself.

It was such a downer, really. She was easily the most aesthetically beautiful individual at the event but her condescending attitude was simply unattractive. I doubt Diana paid much attention to it though – and that’s good actually. She’s always so easy-going and kind, she shouldn’t be affected by this kind of negativity.

Okok getting back on track – this was the outcome of our terrariums!


We also managed to have our hair done by Stanley from Kimage afterwards – whoohoo!!! 🙂 Okay, actually Diana went to get her hair done – I was way too embarrassed by the poor quality of my mane (everyone seemed to have nicely salon-done hair and mine’s just.. meh. hahaha) so I just hung around helping her take shots of the experience. However, Stanley offered to help me do some simple straightening and curling of my hair just to improve the overall look without much difference in appearance – and so I did! 🙂

For the main highlight of the event, we had to take flat lay shots to participate in the Giveaway contest of a A5100 camera! Everyone was super into it – everyone except Diana and I. Okay to be fair we put in alot of effort too! But…. let’s just say we were totally new to it and uh, our efforts did not reflect in our flat lays. hahahahaha but it’s alright! It’s the process that matters aye? We had alot of fun and laughter anyway hehe. Oh, right! Met Lex at the event too! Hahahaha who would’ve thought the world was so small?

Anyway, 2:30pm soon came and so did the closing of our session. Hopped back onto the shuttle bus to Novena and chilled over some Baskin Robins’ Sundaes before heading to Molly’s Christmas party (will share about this another time!) I had the Hokey Pocky (I always do!!) and Green Tea Ice cream with caramel drizzle. Yummmmmmz!


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