Nyonya x Wakeboarding!

It’s been agessss since my last post (about 6 weeks I think?) and so much has happened! Been on a couple of rly fun adventures and experienced so many new things but I’ve just been putting off updating for awhile.

So here goes!

Righttttt the title itself is lacking in effort I know. Hahahah but anyway, that was a day I rly wanted to share about. Had my second experience donning the Nyonya Kebaya for a pre-event job about 2 weeks back. Was pretty much looking forward to it ‘cuz I really like the whole peranakan look and uh, ‘cuz we were told there would be kueh kuehs?? *cough* hehehehehe.


Snapped a selfie before work commenced!

Anyway, it was just a short event during lunch time, but nonetheless, had a good time. Was laughing like cray when Jeremy and I had to use the plastic bags as gloves ‘cuz there weren’t any provided for us to serve the kuehs. Think I was way too amused by that LOL. Ohhh, btw I was clumsy af. There was an influx of guests one time, and in my hurry to serve the ondeh ondeh, I burst one?!!? omg *dies laughing/crying* HAHAHA I know I shouldn’t be laughing ‘cuz: 1) it’s unprofessional, 2) it’s kinda immature but hold upppp. HAVE Y’ALL ACCIDENTALLY SQUISHED AN ONDEH ONDEH BEFORE?? no right. hahahahahhahaha not saying y’all should try but it was hilarious.

okok, so back to work – 1h flew by quickly and we ended work by taking a pic with their backdrop! (wow, Robert Bosch really put in a good amount of effort for their D&D!)


By Sher’s suggestion, here’s a punny caption to go along with the pic: “The kuehs are ONDEH house” HAHHAH :p

Oh yes, so after the event, Renny and TeamExploreSG came to fetch me and we headed to ECP for Wakeboarding! I mean I’m a huge fan of beaches and trying out new things but I can’t deny that water sports do make me a little (too) nervousssssss.


Nonetheless, Sher and I were REALLY excited to try out wakeboarding – it was both our first time!! And Lo & Behold, we were damn excited until we came out in our swimwear for the briefing (yes, we had to undergo a briefing sesh before the activity, so no worries if you’re a first-timer too! They’ll have you all prepared 🙂 mentally at least hehe) while everyone was still clothed LOL.

Aiya but it’s okay, now or later, also gonna tuo (remove our clothes) one mah, hor? :B Ohya, just a tip – participants with long hair are advised to tie it in a low pony tail to facilitate wearing of the helmets comfortably. And so, explains our lowwwwww ponytails here:


Ohya here’s another tip: For anyone (like us) who’s insecure about not having a “beach-ready” body, please don’t let that deter you from fully enjoying the activity aight! 🙂 Here’s why – 1) you’ll be wayyy too engrossed in having fun that having to suck in your belly or flexing your muscles wouldn’t even come close to your thoughts! And 2) You’ll be donning a life jacket throughout the session so hey, if you’re really worried about having body hair or an untoned midriff, it’ll all be hidden hehe!! (Pssss, if it’s abit of a comfort, we too were super self-conscious at the start and were like, “OK SUCK IT IN FOR THE PIC!” hahahahah so don’t worry too much ok? Just enjoy yourselves!)

Renny and Erwin were doing the shooting and filming during the activity, hence Sher and I didn’t take any pics of our own. However, here’s a wefie of our overly-excited faces before we headed for the waters!


Do ya spot Renny’s cam??

Okay back to topic – the session was hellava fun!!! Initially I was SO worried I would drown (idk why since I was having a life jacket on but…) or like get stuck in the middle of the lake/sea/pool/space of water thingy. Or that I wouldn’t be able to balance and face-plant even before getting on the board proper. The paranoia and insecurities were endless. However all these proved to be empty worries! With abit of assurance from the wakeboarding trainers and lotssss of tips on how to better balance, I had a go and managed to reach the end of the beginner’s course on my first try! 🙂

It’s alot more manageable than it seems. 😉


We had a good time and ended the day with a good treat to our tummies! The Wake Park was super nice to host us along with the other guests from the media to some refreshments (this is an understatement haha) at the cafe/bar by the wake park! Then we proceeded for a seafood dinner along ECP and finally, a teh tarik sesh at serangoon.

What an eventful and fulfilling day – Singapore Wake Park, we’ll be back! 😉

P.s. Heads up though – Be prepared to ache for a couple of days after the session!
Sher and I did, but for the experience, damn it was worth it all!!


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