Real (Halloween) Horror at W Singapore

Hello! Halloween’s been pretty eventful for me – not just fun but quite shocking as well. Okay I promise I’ll not be too long-winded here and cut to the chase.. soon. (Skip to the line in bold after the 4th image if y’all don’t wanna read about the party and wanna get down to the Horror).

So as the title suggests, I attended W Singapore’s Poolside Halloween Party recently with the gang from Explore SG and JY. & boy was it a horror. Everything was nice really – the deco, attendees’ get-ups, even down to the in-theme drinks and food! It was a really good effort – just check out how amazing these look!

That tombstone really smelled like cake, not absolutely sure though but pretty cool if you’d ask me! Can you imagine how apt (and funny) it’ll be if the host were to announce, “Cake time! Let’s DIG IN!!!!” Hahahahaha dig in. tomb + dig… get it? :B okok, and that was a tank full of… oh honestly no idea what was in it but we were asked to fish out jellies so we did in the halloween spirit! (pretty sure I touched some noodle-y things apart from slime and marshmallows so.. I’ll leave it up to your imagination)

They had really cool snacks too! Like this jelly cup – the eyeball was chocolate so nothing went to waste! :B (and some ice cream cone thing that I didn’t manage to get a pic of) Even drinks came in cool packaging like that blood bag of freshly squeezed brain juiceeeee. Yum. They even had a photobooth!!!! MY FAVV.

Okay okay, so enough about how amazing the decorations were and let’s get to the point of the Horror.

I’d say we all made a good effort in dressing up and were there to enjoy ourselves. Like many other Halloween events elsewhere, W Singapore hosted a contest for a 3D2N stay at W Hong Kong for the winner with the freakiest get-up! Our friend Sherlyn really made a good effort – and I say this with no intention to take sides because she even had a button for an eye?! (she went as a creepy doll) and fulfilled the instructions to be an eligible candidate for the contest:

  • Upload a photo on IG
  • Tag @wsingapore
  • Geotag ‘W Singapore – Sentosa Cove’

Contest ends at 7pm.

Was she excited to win? Of course – anyone in the running would be right? But was it unnatural for her to have expected to win? No – not at all, not in this case at least. Why, you may wonder. Because at 7pm when the contest would have supposedly come to an end, she was the only contestant in the running. I apologise if the way I phrased this sounds kinda sad (‘cuz let’s be real here… I’d expect more entries for W Singapore’s contest since the attendees were rly quite in the spirit of halloween and put in great effort to dress up.. and 1 entry rly sounds too few to believe), but I’m just stating things as they are.

Here’s where the horror comes.

We were told by a staff that the contest winner will be announced at 10pm so we went to get something to eat nearby first and were to return afterwards. But before 10pm, Sherlyn got a rude shock (yes rude on so. many. levels.) The winner was announced. It wasn’t her. It was an entry posted at 7.14pm.

It’s not in my nature to bitch out anyone or any brands here and I really do not want to start today. However, I doubt keeping quiet does any good – my opinion of W Singapore has evitably changed. Did I mean inevitably? No. It was evitable. When the concern was highlighted to W Singapore on their Instagram post, no remedy nor solution provided wouldn’t have been that bad if they had just apologised for the oversight (if it was really an oversight on their part), but instead, they chose to ignore the whole part of the timing issue in their reply. Evasive? It’s tough not to think/feel so especially when it took 2 good days and 2 prompts to garner a response.

I’m not usually comfortable stepping into such issues that clearly does not have my place, but I couldn’t resist commenting ‘cuz I’m sorry but the PR (or whoever handling the IG account of W singapore) should rly work on their problem-solving / resolution skills.

I understand fully that W Singapore reserves the right to have the final say in this contest, but would Sherlyn (@Sherdy_) or anyone else be as annoyed / bothered even if that were to have happened as it did? I wouldn’t know for sure but I’d say everyone involved would’ve been better appeased if more empathy was showed right from the start. It’s not about who’s right, who’s wrong, who wins, and who loses. Who ultimately got the prize. I can only imagine how disappointed and frustrated Sherlyn is feeling, and how bothered and sian Sherry (@Sherrythescary – the contest winner) must be, being tangled up in this issue/confusion/drama. Not to forget, the frustration (and maybe annoyance? – I hope not though…) W Singapore’s PR team is going through, fretting on how to resolve this before it blows up bigtime (it clearly isn’t worth it..)

Of course I can’t deny that the tone Sherlyn took afterwards (her 2nd comment) was confrontational – but taking 2 days + such a prompt (her confrontational comment) to finally revert is… not the standard we’d all expect from such a great hotel. :/ Even after 2 days, the reply was rather evasive – which is the greatest let down.

Not quite sure how things will unfold but hopefully things will resolve soon because boy, this definitely isn’t worth having a storm for (let’s not get to the after-effects of the storm too aight). All in all, A+ for the amazing Wet Deck deco and poolside party W Singapore hosted and planned, but D- for the way things are currently handled (regarding the contest issue).

Okay okay, this is starting to feel rly heavy so uh, let’s end off with a pic of how beautiful their Wet Deck looked! 🙂



Well *cough* I clearly have no flair to be a photographer but hey, y’all like what you see? Go check out W Singapore yourselves! (Yes, I have nothing against W Singapore and in no way will I discredit how amazing it looks altho the hoo-ha isn’t something I will simply ignore – especially not when it concerns a friend and the blatancy of the issue is right in our faces). Will I ever have a staycay at W hotel then? Sure! I’ve heard great reviews of the place, I just hope their PR will rise to the standard that so many people have pleasantly experienced in their hotel in time to come. 🙂

Psss. Btw JY and I came as the undead couple – don’t think we look quite dead though… but maybe marriage would be scary enough an idea to many! hahahahha. okay omg I need to stop LOL.


Updates on the issue will be posted here when they come!


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