Halloween Horror @ USS!

Hola all! Halloween has been eventful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just the other day, JY did something out of the ordinary… He asked me out to Halloween Horror Nights @ USS!! ๐Ÿ™‚ He was dismissed early from camp so he asked if we’d like to go for Halloween fun at USS and I was beyond ecstatic!

Chop chop, got the tickets online, finished up my work, showered, prepared and zoomed off to meet him in record time. My makeup was half-assed (as in smudged half-assed) but hahahaha if it turned out horrid in my hurry.. I could just blend in with the halloween dress-up peeps right?? :B “Hey what you supposed to be gurl?” “Oh, y’mean my makeup??” “Yea, you ย going for theย drunkard/undead look?” “Hell yeah, U GOT DAT RIGHT BRUDDER” “cooooool” yuuuuup. I had that all planned out hahaha.

Anyway, omg we had an amazing dinner (well, sort of) in our hurry since we wanted to beat the crowd. We took away Stuff’d Kebab, Crispy Chicken and Mee Sua from Ke kou smth.. and Old Chang Kee and had them otw to USS! Sinful – yes, yummy – VERY.

We managed to experience all 5 haunted houses and even had time to spare to ride the park’s rides! These are my personal rankings for the haunted houses from greatest to great:

  1. Hawker Centre Massacre

The Hawker Centre Massacre’s setting is soooooo realistic – they even had an auntie asking for toilet money leh!! And their faces were rotting and whatnot, it was extremely disturbing because of how possible it may be (the more realistic the scenario, the harder it hits home right?)

2. Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital seems to be most people’s favourite. I can see why. The scarers inside did an awesome job looking all psychotic and murderous I almost screamed my throat apart in there! And hey, psycho killers are not far from reality (especially with all that CSI, Criminal Minds I’ve been watching, so the threat is real okay!!)

3. Bodies of Work

Bodies of Work wasn’t really frightening but the touch of having to hop onto a life-size rotating Carousel full of maniac clowns, midway of the journey through the haunted house, ย was absolutely well-thought of.

4 & 5. Huli’s Inn & Salem Witch House

As for Hu Li’s Inn and Salem Witch House, both were really realistic in its setting, and the costume and make-up was indeed disturbing if not frightening. But it somehow isn’t as spooky to me as I’m not quite familiar with the backstory of foxes and witches so the psychological impact on me was greatly lessen.

Weird though, y’know how we all enter the houses in big groups? Somehow the scarers always end up jump-scaring JY and I instead of the couples/group of friends directly in front or behind us! Once, I had a succession of 3 scares and screams I swear I barely had time to breathe in between I thought I was gonna pass out LOL. Oh yea btw Angela was working as a scarer there and she scared me so bad (or should I say good), I lost my balance and almost fell hahahahahahaha omg.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience – especially for my first-time ever at USS’ Halloween Horror Nights! ๐Ÿ™‚ Super thankful for Jy’s enthusiasm since horror has never been quite his thing but has always been mine. Oh, we don’t have pictures because we thought it’d be nice to put away our phones entirely for once and fully experience the moments together.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Romantic and deep huh? ahahaha okay lah, we did have a picture taken, but the pic was overexposed and shaky and.. yea it was just bad. hahaha

Okay, Gudnight! Looking forward to greater adventures in time to come ๐Ÿ™‚


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