Jas the next Tea lady (maybe)!

An unassuming front, Look See Look See Tea Salon is an inviting and cosy hideaway from the bustling city life. Located on Haji Lane, the tea salon works on a Tips-only basis and offers a good range of brews – I had the Lemon Jasmine Bi Luo Chun which was light and refreshing and went surprisingly well with the kueh lapis pairing. The cosy space also serves as a reading room which almost instantly plunges you into a really chill mood.


I was super taken in by how it made me feel – so relaxed and zen! What beats some quiet alone time with a good cup of tea? 🙂

However, we were there for the Tea appreciation class so we didn’t hang around too long before heading for the session. Having mainly only tried the usual plain green teas and occasional Chinese teas (which I can barely name, except perhaps Pu-er Cha), the tea appreciation experience was something really new to me. Of course, I was a little nervous at the start because the other participants seem like tea enthusiasts and could dish out a couple of names of tea brews here and there while I couldn’t even pin-point what green tea I usually had at home (haha ohmygoodness). But hey, we were all there to learn how to appreciate teas so no shame in starting somewhere, amiright? :B

We were introduced 10 different Green Teas (yea – can you believe that there are soooo many types of Green Teas?? I was pleasantly surprised as well!) Who knew different Green Teas harvested differently and from different regions could taste this unique? It was really an eye-opener and I won’t deny that I was slightly mindblown. Some teas tasted earthy and some tasted strangely like vegetables. o.o While others carried a hint of nuttiness, 1 in particular struck me with the deepest impression – Genmaicha from Japan. It’s a green tea combined with roasted brown rice and tasted really smoky and heavy – its scent alike popcorn. Fun Fact: Genmaicha translates to roasted brown rice tea so now we know how it got its name! :p

Of course, as part of appreciating the brews, we also learnt how to better identify the very confusing fragrances and tastes from a ‘flavor wheel’.

Along the way, we had a slice of matcha cake to help neutralize the acidity of the teas we had (as teas are usually towards the acidic arm of the PH spectrum), before finishing up the last few tasting.

During the tea appreciation session, I felt somewhat comforted as I got in touched with my artsy side once again (although teas are overall pretty foreign to me). It just felt so much deeper than plainly drinking something that detoxifies, after learning about all the culture, heritage and art tied to it. It is indeed in itself a form on fine art (someone mentioned it’s alot like wine tasting – I agree!)

Just to share, my new-found personal favourite is the Bi Luo Chun green tea! It has a floral / fruity scent and tastes kinda sweet (at least to me!) I’d say it really depends on your palate though, because although we were all having the same teas at the same time, each of us smelled and tasted differently.

But all in all, it was a really interesting and rewarding day at Look See Look See Tea Salon and I’ll definitely be back! For the tea and the ambiance (and maybe some chic shots ‘cuz my goodness, the interior is amazing with all the pastel colours and somewhat minimalistic decor – totally regretting not taking a few shots!!)


P.s. We got to take home these tea blends as well!

P.p.s. The menu changes every month so that’s something you guys can look forward to besides a new relaxing corner! 😉



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