Mermaid love w Angel(a)!

Wew, seems like it’s been forever since Angela and I last hung out. I recall the last time we spoke was when I was locked out of my home (forgot to bring my keys AGAIN) and she let me crash her place ’til dad came home from work.

So very very recently, we were discussing about a mini collab between us – she helping with my Halloween look, and filming it for her upcoming youtube channel. All seemed promising and rly exciting tbh! But circumstances didn’t allow us to see through that in the end. So… I tried my best to do my own halloween makeup for my shoutout postΒ – NOT at all fab hahaha. But hey, A+ for effort yea?

Just the other day,Β I dropped by Angela’s place to check out her Halloween look! It turned out rly good!!! NO KIDIDN’. But she felt that it wasn’t super so unfortunately we don’t have a pic to share. 😦 Anyway, I requested for a Mermaid look afterwards and so she worked her magic.

Β  Β  Β  Β Β IMG_0506.JPGimg_0519

okayyyyy. I look kinda like an evil, gonna-steal-yo-man, half-mermaid-half-vixen on the left I know!! (Gad, I rly shouldn’t try so hard to smile with my mouth closed next time) Hahaha it’s the smile, I’m telling ya. ‘Cuz the pic on the right does so much more justice to her work! πŸ™‚ All in all it was a really fun experience because she’s so gentle and I got to try out some rly popping colours which I otherwise would never have dared go near on my own! Thanks Angela!! πŸ™‚

Oh btw, I should mention –Β Angela should totally drop the second A in her name ‘cuz she’s a real pal mann. She took over 100 snaps of me ‘just to get one which wasn’t blurry from motion, had good lighting, etc. L O L. I feel so ashamed just sharing this with the world ahahaha. Btw, she has the cutest pup ever! He’s 5 years old but still like a big baby!! hehehe. Went over to her crib for abit today and took these cute pics of him!




Oh my gadddd. Just look at those eyes.


HO. JY better watch out – OngOng’s here to steal yo gurrrrrl *~*

Ahahaha. Okay the first pic of him was before having his fur trimmed – that’s why he looks a little shaggy. But he looks a little sad in the last pic ‘cuz he doesn’t like hair cuts 😦 C’mon OngOng, you lookin’ suaveeeee boy! Suave.

Aight that’s about all for now. There are rly exciting things coming this way and I can’t wait to experience and share it over here! πŸ™‚ Hopefully things work out rly well – staying superrrr hopeful!

Til’ smth interesting happens again (VERY SOON YAS).

P.s. If you’re still looking for affordable HNN tickets, check out the promos tab for directions and promo code to purchase yours at S$49! πŸ˜‰

P.p.s. still contemplating whether to attend HHN hmmmmmmm.

P.p.p.s. Sooooo, am I any closer to evolving into a mermaid yet??


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