Nivea Girl!

Hola, guess who just worked as a Nivea Girl this morning!

Hahahaha that’s right – I was equally surprised (and a little apprehensive at first) ‘cuz we all associate Nivea with smooth, moisturised skin and that somehow just builds an image of a fair fairy-like girl, right?

I’m far from fair. In all honesty, I think I’m the darkest Nivea Girl I’ve ever seen! (rly, no kiddin’)

hahaha, nonetheless my apprehension and worries from last night were unfounded. The traffic was great and the job was really enjoyable! Firstly, ‘cuz we didn’t have to wear anything uncomfortable (or revealing that made us self-conscious like uh, crop top? LOL), just a white dress x white shoes. And next – which was my favourite part, was how whatever we were doing (creating awareness of a new product) did not plainly stop at shoving (hahaha I’m kidding, we definitely did not shove anything to anyone!) samples to passerby. It felt alot more dignified? Altho there was a KPI but it seemed more of a target /guide than a ‘deadline’, so the whole experience started off on a somewhat more positive note.

It was really nice and super heartening to see the look of surprise and sheer happiness when we handed out flowers and samples to the ladies. 🙂 An exceptionally memorable x heartening moment was when I handed out a flower x sample pack to a somewhat grim-looking lady who was in the midst of hurrying to work (it was the rush hour!), who seemed preoccupied in her thoughts. When she realised what was happening, it was like she suddenly snapped out of her bubble and she just looked at me, somewhat defeated but with a sad smile at the same time (not sure how to describe it but she just felt so sad). “Oh. Thank you dear.. You don’t know but, you really made my day. Thank you so much.”

That was all she said. I don’t know how many of them were having a hard time or a bad day, but it was nice to know that your work (no matter how small the part it played, or how indirectly it contributed) made someone feel a bit better. 🙂 And as much as it benefitted those ladies, it definitely did some good for me too. Although the timing is crazy early (omg having a headache from last night’s bad sleep), I can’t wait for another round of work tmr!! 🙂 Anyone hanging around Tajong Pagar area, do catch us (& come get a flower hehehe).


Seey’alll! 🙂


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