Hello September! (UOS FOC)

Hola, can’t believe it’s already September! Only 3 more months til the end of internship yayyy!!!! (LOL, I swear I’m way too excited too early)

Anyway, September seems to be off to a good start!

1 sept (Thursday)

What a way to start off september! πŸ™‚ We had our University of Southampton Freshmen Orientation Programme from morn’ til evening. Some of us reached earlier to help pack the goodie bags and assist in registration. Oh, oh. Random but all the GLs were given this very very cute (dammit, I don’t have a pic) makeshift wristband thingy with a lollipop on it. Hahahaha it was to help differentiate us from the others.

& Thank all my lucky stars that the Batch 1 students (our seniors) decided to join in! I was paired up with Evan to be GLs for the Yellow Group (yesssss we didn’t actually have a name heh) and thankfully he was there because otherwise I can’t imagine how much more awkward it was going to be?! (Our group members were slightlyyy shy hahah) and although it was still a little awkward here and there, at least two ppl being awkward together beats one by herself, right!!

Anyway here are some pics of our group! Omg btw we got to try out some rly cool 360 cam that KY brought!!

Cute huh? πŸ™‚


Well.. this is behind the scenes:


HAHAHA. Oh oh, I love the next pic!! It’s taken from the top view – pretty cool huh! (Or maybe ‘cuz I’m a bit suaku)

360 planet - Tiny Planet Worship

I know it looks like some religious cult gathering and sacrifice happening lmao! As usual, the back end scene wasn’t as glamorous hahahah


Oh oh, btw our group won the Lots of Saliva Award (ahhahaha what an award?!) ‘cuz apparently we tried very hard at one of the game stations – Pingpong Soccer with a Straw (sorry Idk what’s it called but you get the idea) & *ahem* we rocked at it?? HAHAHA it was a good 6-0 or something I think. But we left SOΒ much saliva on the table hence the award…. hahahahaha nonetheless, proud of y’all!!!! πŸ™‚


The day camp was overall okay I suppose – ahahh, although it was quite apparent (both from the looks as well as feedback) that our program for the day was boring some of the freshies out of their minds. Well, I guess the emotions/views are divided, but however so, it was still fulfilling to finally close this chapter after multiple hiccups and meetups within the organising committee πŸ™‚


Photo 1-9-16, 6 35 49 PM

Btw, a lesson I took away from this camp is that, if you have a fringe, keep it up LOL ‘cuz when you’re running about and sweating buckets, your fringe is gonna be all clumpy and gross and you will NOT look cute. Or maybe it’s just me aye! hahaha

Anyway, good start to the month! and I sure hope things continue as great! I can really do with more getaways from internship heh.

Til’ something exciting happens in my life again πŸ™‚


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