Yay, Treats!


Really feeling quite blessed recently! Although I’m not as active on social media (IG) as before (due to busy busy internship schedule), I’m really fortunate to still be offered some really exciting upcoming collab opportunities! 🙂

I’m really excited not just because I’ll be sponsored some goodies, but because some of these treats are the fruits of my friends’ labor – which is really heartening to see things taking flight. One of these sponsorships is the labour of a friend who has one of the strongest  entrepreneurial spirit – Idk, but I think it really takes alot of courage and perseverance to stick through a business you start, so I find people who really stand by their dreams hella zai. *thumbs up* hahahha suddenly feel like a lao ahpek, idk why??

Anyway, as for the details, I’ll keep things hush hush for awhile… since some things are still in the finalisation stage. Another really encouraging news is that although I’ve been pretty much offline on my personal social space, and online mainly in my work space, I’ve been contacted by a German company to be their ambassador for an upcoming 3-day event!!! (Yeeeezz! I need some action in my mundane life) How, you may wonder, since I barely get to meet people nowadays, confined to the space of my house (I work from home mostly!) They stumbled across my profile on LinkedIn and decided to engage my assistance as I previously worked as an ambassador for a couple of corporate events as well.

To be honest, I was both flattered(?) as well as intimidated, as I knew nothing about the industry that the company is in so I was afraid I may not be competent enough for the position. However, thank my lucky stars that Mr. G is really, really approachable and nice, *phew!* Hopefully things will work out well! 🙂

& Oh, OH. That reminds me – I WROTE AN INVOICE!! (for my assistance as an ambassador) Hahahahahha, uhm feelin’ so adult-ish rn, yesssss. 🙂 hahah I mean, holy cow. I feel like I’m running a biz leh?!

‘Til something exciting happens again!


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