Twenty One! – Part I: What I’ve Learnt

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Super late post but just thought better late than never, right? Hahaha, soooo whooosh, turned 21 almost a month back.

Just a few years ago, I was imagining how glamorous and smashing my 21st party would be (or I would’ve liked it to be) and fast forward to this year and my perception has changed so much – I want nothing more than just a quiet get-together with my fav people. Starting uni life has really changed how I view lots of things in life – and it has definitely made me take a step back and rethink my priorities in life.

For instance, tbh back in poly, I always felt like project mates were project mates – no matter whether we are close friends or not, when it comes to project work, work comes first. I used to think I was being professional, keeping work and personal life very distinctly separated. But sadly, I think I was just not really good a friend – work may come first for me in the past, but I never once stop to consider if others shared the same priority as me. Hence, friendships weren’t really my biggest takeaway from poly. Although of course I still made a few really good friends – teehee thankful for y’all.

Turning 21 doesn’t really feel any different, but I guess the transition into the next phase in life – university (which is the last stretch before stepping into the workforce proper), coupled with internship right at the end of poly, reshaped my thinking, and taught me several valuable lessons.

1. Do things for yourself – sure, consider other people’s feeling and situation, and despite whatever the motivation may be, ultimately do it for yourself, and don’t justify a decision as doing it for someone else. ‘Cuz in the end, you have to be at peace with your own decisions and shoulder the responsibilities that come with it.

2. A few true friends beats numerous fair-weather friends. Need I say more?

3. If you’re dissatisfied with how things are, do something about it. Of course, sometimes your hands may seem tied, but waiting can be a choice too. There’s really no point in resenting everything and everyone and behaving like the world owes you – ‘cuz that does nothing but annoy the hell out of the people around you (oops, harsh but true)!

4. Remove / stay away from toxic people. I never got this back in poly, and I let myself stay on for so long, I started losing sight of what I love, what really mattered, and the people around me left when I myself started being toxic. That was one of the hardest lesson I had to learn – to walk away.

5. Be grateful. One thing that really ruins a person or changes that person negatively (imo) is when he/she stops being grateful. It’s good to be ambitious, to want more, to hunger for the best but when we lose sight of how much we already have, we simply end up self-entitled, bitter, and resentful.

6. Networking is absolutely important and very useful – oh hell yes! Mingle, make friends, listen to others’ stories, learn, share, it’ll all come in handy someday 🙂 (both the network and the knowledge)

7. Be civil to the people you dislike – it’s not being ‘fake’ or a hypocrite. That’s plain basic social manners. You don’t have to go the extra mile to make him/her feel loved by you, you just need to be civil, because hello? You got to grow up and learn that you don’t get to be around only people you like, in life. (Hell, struggling with this hahahahaha)

Okay, that’s about it I guess. Yuuup – only 7 pointers ‘cuz let’s be real, how often do you really coincidentally have perfect 10 points right?? hahahahaha. & weew, took me long enough to really face life and sort out my priorities. ._.

Guess this is kinda dry huh, will be sharing how my 21st was spent in Part II!! 🙂


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