Jas – 1, Gastritis – 0!

Hola, it’s been ages since I last posted.

Been kinda sick lately – as the title suggests, with gastritis. This was one of the worst bolts of gastritis I’ve ever experienced – I mean, who would’ve though a girl who eats as frequent and as much as me would get gastric pains, right?? Hahahaha, aye life is full of mysteries LOL

Just to share what gastritis is like for all those lucky people out there who never had any gastric issues.. :’) it feels abit like a cramping, stabbing pain in your stomach (for me it’s right in the middle of where my rib bones meet, so it’s the higher part, not on my tummy – our stomach isn’t where our tummies are anyway! hahahaha) which can be anywhere from a nudging, uncomfortable kinda pain (like a level 1 pain index) to a barely bearable on-par to menstrual cramps kinda pain (level 6 IMO), to a Am I Dying level 10 index – oh, I should mention that my pain threshold is quite high (imo) but anyway, everyone’s pain index probably differs.

Am I scaring you yet? naww, hahaha. Okayokay, so once in awhile, I’ll experience gastric pains despite taking all my meals, which is about a level 5 pain, and it goes away with some meds. But recently it got so bad, it felt like it reached a level 9 – 10 (no joke). JY was over my place for a weekend and I as wringing in pain one night and just couldn’t get to sleep, and it reached the point whereby I just felt so sick (pun intended hehe) of being in pain I just started crying like a baby, and telling him I feel like I’m dying (LOL, please don’t laugh at me, I really felt damn hopeless laaaa, ahah ._.)

That was an extremely horrible time it was the busiest period for my internship and although I was on Mc, I couldn’t really stay home to have a proper rest. The whole ordeal (yesss, no exaggeration there) lasted 2 full weeks with 2 visits to the doctor’s, and waking up daily anytime from 6am to 7am from intense pain. Holy cow. I really thought I was gonna die, LOL (talk about being dramatic, heh)

Anyway, I guess this ordeal wasn’t for nothing because Mama Tan really made sure I got up at 8am to regulate my meal times (ah, yes btw irregular meal times can cause gastric pains!) so I ended up sleeping much earlier and kinda correcting my sleep cycle. 🙂 Also, I had lotsssss of watermelon and watermelon juice during the 2 weeks!

P.s. Found out that watermelon is high on the alkaline side and is great for people experiencing hyperacidity discomfort. 🙂

It was a funny period though, ‘cuz I got all paranoid googling before I bought any food to ensure it wasn’t gonna aggravate my condition. HAHAHA, hey it pays to be as disciplined as possible okay! And hell – I was damn worried when the doctor said that if I didn’t get better after the second week, he was gonna refer me to a specialist because I may have a stomach ulcer (?!?!?! how was I gonna just go on binging on wtv I wanted after hearing that? 😥 Ofc scared lah)

But yeapppp, although it was a horrid experience (& I rly hope no one has to ever experience this), at least I kinda learnt alot about food? I mean, all that googling ain’t for nothing! hahahaha, one thing I learnt besides the obvious gastric-related whatnot I read up on, is that I have some pretty awesome friends. :’)

The hardest part wasn’t really the pain, but the frustration and isolation I felt during those 2 weeks because,

1) I didn’t really share with anyone how bad the pain got because I really didn’t want to come across as whiny and burdensome especially when everyone was so busy too – with army, with hall camps, with internships and all,

& 2) I felt like, although out of obligation I should still be fully contributing at work because my boss really needed all the help, but at the same time when I tried but really couldn’t be there (‘cuz the pain was incapacitating at a point), I felt targeted – it’s okay to not be empathetic, but why is it necessary to downplay whatever I was going through and increase my workload significantly for being on MC? (at least be subtle about it so I could just write it off as me being over-sensitive but wow??)

Despite all that, I got to really appreciate the people around me – my mom really still sees me as a baby lmao but hehe can lah, wouldn’t say no to extra love and occasionally nagging hahaha, the Woodies Buddies (LOL we need to seriously work on our name) for meeting up with me and being one of my only opportunity for social interaction in those 15 days. It’s always a joy meeting up with E & C because they are the realest friends I’ve got and with them, it’s like I don’t have to worry about judgement at all. Omg love them sooo much. :’) and D’s another one I’m so thankful to have met just months back. He’s another one of the gold friends you can’t be more grateful for. :’)

Okay, anyway I’ll just end here ‘cuz 800 words seems abit excessively to share about my gastritis experience heh. Who will bother reading this mann?? hahahahah it’s okay – I’ve always thought of this as more of a diary anyway 🙂

Til something exciting (0r eventful) happens in my life :’)



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