Val’s Graduation!

So back for the next part of the update –

Val has graduated! It was a nice event (kinda small seating) which was held at a really odd timing – doors opened at 7pm, commencement at 8pm and ends at 10pm.

I had stayed up the night before to finish up more work so that I wouldn’t have any outstanding work over the weekend when I had to leave slightly earlier for dinner with the fam then head for Val’s graduation. Hence, I was beyond exhausted the next day, and I suppose we have no problem guessing who was struggling to stay awake during the ceremony, haha.

Anyway, thankfully it was an indoor event – unlike my poly’s one which only provided indoor seating but photography and gathering were mainly done outdoors, because by 7pm, it was getting kinda dark for photos. We still managed to get these few great pics though!

Here’s the mandatory family shot!

Family 1.jpg

And here’s the mandatory best buds shot:

Friends 1.jpg

andddd of course, the I love my younger sister shot :’) Chehhh, just kidding!


But wow, I really got to admit, I look like the older sister here (& whenever else). Psss, do we really look that alike? Hahahaha Jen mentioned we really do look alike! Btw, I did my sis’ makeup ‘cuz guess who was anyhow putting stuff on her face?? hahahahahha

Just waiting for my turn to graduate then we can go for a formal Family Shoot in both our Grad gowns! 🙂

I’m already excited thinking about graduation (but then again, I really love Uni so I don’t wanna graduate sooooo soon, bleh).


Til’ something exciting happens in ma life! 🙂


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