Collab Video Shoot with Clutched SG!


So it’s officially a month since I started my internship – and JY was right, I just needed a little getting used to. 🙂

Anyway, many amazing things have happened within these few weeks that I have been meaning to share, but I have been just so so busy. I think I’ll just post up a few short posts to breakdown my usually painfully long updates, lol!

Remember I shared about my fun experience with the Clutched Team for the video shoot as well as Sin Underground (over here)? Well, the vid is up! Here it is if y’all are interested to watch it!

That was one of my first few attempts at video shoots and my gad, like be real here – I’m extremely (and painfully) awkward. Hahahaha, I think it’s a mix of both being socially awkward + Camera Shy.

Yes, the whole being awkward around people is very real! At first I thought I was just generally awkward around new people I meet, but hell no. Sometimes I still feel awkward around some friends – guys AND girls, lol! Cam-shy wise, ehhhh I know how ironic that sounds, since I have a gazillion selfies and shoot pics up :’) I can’t really explain it either but the conscious thought of being watched (or filmed/photographed) just generally makes me very, VERY self-conscious.

Anyway, if y’all are into laughing at awkward scenes or maybe low-angle double chins are your thang (yesss, hahahaha I wish I had a more defined jawline :’) ), don’t miss it hahahaha (you can’t miss it anyway, the double chin is MASSIVE HAHAH).

Just kidding, I’m not tryna downplay the content!! Just to share, Clutched is always serving up really interesting content btw – I’m surprised I’m saying this too, as I’m not much of a car kinda girl.. but somehow I always find myself sitting through their entire vid when I notice it pop up on my FB Timeline. hahahaha that, I can say is good content. So do check them out if you’re into cars! 🙂

They were having a collab giveaway of 20 sets of $30 Neo R&R vouchers (car rental vouchers).. 3 weeks back when they launched the vid. & I know I kindaaaa should’ve shared this earlier, heh. :/ Will definitely be more time-conscious next time!

It was a really good experience – both for shooting and also seeing how things work! 🙂 Glad I was given the opportunity to try something new.

Oh dear, I really though this would be a short and sweet post.. guess I just have the long-winded grandma genes in ma bones :’)

Till something exciting happens in my life :’)


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