Plain Jane with a Coloured Mane

Hola, yesterday, was a longggg time since I (&  my hair) felt so pampered!

Some of y’all may have known, Clover Hair Boutique generously sponsored my hair coloring yesterday. ^~^ Tbh, I was half excited/half nervous about getting my hair done ‘cuz I’ve been dead afraid to do anything with my hair. *shudders* Ever since the salon lady happily snipped my hair wayyy too short & did a somewhat botched highlight job, I don’t think I’ve actually ventured into anything other than brown (or maybe superrrr dark red).

Recently I’ve been really contemplating chopping my mane off (I have no idea how many times I brought that up to le bff but the mane is still here, hahahahaha), but since I was presented with an opportunity to try any color I liked… I thought, OKAY THE MANE CAN STAY (for now), LET’S DO THISSSS.

I arrived at Clover at 12:45pm and left only a solid 7 hours later. The entire experience was surprisingly enjoyable despite the long hours. I used, ‘surprisingly’, well because.. I half expected the stylists to convince me against my choice and end up just free-styling on my mane with my reluctant consent (seems to be the norm whenever I visit a salon?? Not sure if it’s because I rly have lame taste and the past stylists were tryna save me or??) hahahahaha but yea, thankfully that didn’t happen.

When I first got seated, Keida (the Director) warmly offered me a drink (+ points for being a great host, lol!) Then, throughout the hair service, both Keida and Nicholas checked back with me if I was hungry (because the hours were rly crazy long), and offered to help get some food if I needed any. *~* (which I did… haha, but David helped instead! ‘cuz I was way too shy to trouble the stylists)

I was literally like, omg, I feel like a little princess??? HAHAH. Okay, but really – I was just feeling sooooo, ‘omg don’t know is it I’m suaku but totally not used to being this pampered o.o’ So I was kinda awkward the whole time *OTL* /hope they didn’t think I was weird/

Anyway, I really appreciate how welcoming and assuring the stylists were throughout the whole experience. 🙂 Also, David accompanied me while I did my hair, and he creatively (how many times do y’all want to wow me in a day, guys???) crafted this short video on the entire process!

Hehe enjoy 🙂

Initially I was expecting something rly vibrant and boomz ‘cuz, since I’m gonna try something new, why not go all out right. hahahaha, but turns out, my hair color couldn’t strip off as well it should have /yassss comforting self that next time my hair will still be wu hei nong mi when I get older LOL/ Hence, the effect of the colors on the new base (which should be whiter, but was still quite yellow), were darker.

A little disappointed ‘cuz I was rly mentally prepared for the whole, new sem new me shiz. hahahahahaha, but it’s okay!! It was a fun experience complemented with great company! 🙂

& this is how it turned out:

The colors are much closer to the one on the the left – not sure why it looks like purple under strong lighting. Anyway, it’s dark brown at the top, then ash grey and ends with blue!

Oh – and yup, I consulted Jen (my intern sup) to see if she was cool with this, before I went ahead with it!

Ho ho, thanks again Clover!! (Especially Nicholas & Joaan!)


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