Another Spontaneous Attempt

Hoooray, my first post. :’)

Wow, did I mention that I’m an absolute IT-idiot, and I have no idea blogging could be this tough. Well, okay to be fair, I’ve blogged before but that’s really besides the point (I usually just click around like mad and pray something works out so, lel).

Anyway, so many things going on and I’m so excited!!

For one, I just attended my first-ever underground car meet!! Sin Underground took place last night and although I’m not really a car kinda girl (I have absolutely zero knowledge when it comes to cars, racing, modifying etc), I was fortunate to tag along the Clutched team for the experience – and boy, we travelled in styleeeeeee! Rode to the event in a Bentley (datz right), and waw. Surprisingly (or maybe just to me), there was quite a large crowd at the entrance when we reached. Heuheu, felt a little like celebrity (HAHAHA) ‘cuz everyone’s snapping shots at all ’em cars that lined up to enter the event venue. /had a bit of a Fast and Furious moment/ ahahaha

Anyway, it wasn’t all for fun! I was helping out with Clutched’s project for a Car Rental Company. I’m so hyped to see how the video turns out! I guess I’ll share it when Jackie and the team are done with it! (Update: It’s In! Check it out over here)

Did I forget to mention – somewhere through the night, I managed to trip over a stationary parked car. :’) yup, how? I’m quite surprised, myself. But what a timing to trip – a entire group of people standing nearby saw and burst out laughing. I’ll never get used to finding myself in such embarrassing situations Brought back a hugeass bruise for memory though :’)

Another thing I’m really looking forward to is starting my internship. No, I’m not a workaholic but I’m SO bored at home. Oh oh, that reminds me – no, I didn’t choose to stay home, but recently, I had my eyebrow embroidery done – the down-time was hellish (at least for me heh). I think I’ll share about the process and how the brows eventually look after the touch-up sesh (since the dye supposedly isn’t fully retained on the first attempt).

Anyway, that’s about it for my first post I guess. Til’ something exciting happens in my life :’)



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